Denise Robertson

Denise Robertson

Denise Robertson MBE is a British writer and television broadcaster. Denise has been a Journal columnist for many years

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Justice Secretary Chris Grayling

Denise Robertson: Stunting prisoners' education seems pretty close to torture

A furore has erupted over prisoners in our jails being denied books and once more I’m left wondering who to believe

Ruth Nabuguzi carried out a gigantic benefit fraud

Denise Robertson: Can any Tom, Dick or Ruth fool the benefits system?

For 20 years Ugandan immigrant Ruth Nabuguzi carried out a gigantic benefit fraud which netted her millions of pounds

No one hates corrupt police officers more than other officers

Denise Robertson: No one hates bad apples in police more than other officers

Denise Robertson talks of police corruption after the recent report on the Stephen Lawrence affair

Many brothers and sisters are split up when it comes to adoption

Denise Robertson: Separation from a sibling goes against principles of social work

Sir Martin Narey is advising the Education Secretary on children's social care, Denise Robertson wonders if the advice he's giving is the best

Royal Marines wade through floodwater in the village of Moorland in Somerset

Denise Robertson: Who is to blame for the floods that have swept livelihoods away?

As flooding in the South of the country continues to dominate headlines, Denise Robertson asks who is to blame

Last month the government quietly scrapped the Warm Homes, Healthy People Fund

Denise Robertson: Cuts may be essential - but need to be done with care

Agony Aunt Denise Robertson explains how you can help those in need of help this winter after the Warm Homes, Healthy People Fund was scrapped

Electricity pylons with wind turbines in the distance

Denise Robertson: Wind farms paid to stand idle as Britain hit by storms

Denise Robertson speaks her mind on Britain's wind farms which have been paid a record £30m to stand idle

Former South African President Nelson Mandela

Denise Robertson: Nelson Mandela's legacy will live on

The death of Nelson Mandela last week saw many people reminiscing about former South African president

Tory party chairman Grant Shapps

Denise Robertson: BBC needs to rebuild public trust

Righteous self-worship exists in all organs of power, including the BBC, who need to rebuild public trust according to Tory Chairman Grant Shapps

Former Energy Secretary Chris Huhne

Denise Robertson: Politics is so important, so why can't we get real insight?

Denise Robertson ponders why good political programmes on television are fast becoming a thing of the past


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