Don't be fooled by copycat websites

Don't be fooled by copycat websites

Melissa Thompson looks at ways to spot scams aimed at grabbing your cash

The Government believes few people will choose to blow their pension on big ticket purchases, while most will welcome the new financial flexibility

Pensions: Save or splurge?

Will you be splashing out on a Lamborghini with your pension pot next year? Vicky Shaw looks underneath the bonnet of the retirement savings revolution

Turning the thermostat down and insulating your loft are just two simple ways to cut bills

Turn down your bills

Looking to cut your household bills this winter? Who isn't? Luckily, Vicky Shaw offers some welcome tips

Making plans now should ease the pain of predicted interest rises

Keeping interested

If you're a homeowner, there's no time like the present to start planning for interest rate rises, says Vicky Shaw

Start your Christmas financial planning early

Get an early start on your festive finances

The summer has barely left us but many people have already started their Christmas financial planning. Vicky Shaw reports

If you are the victim of a hit-and-run driver it's vital to contact the Police and your insurer right away

Don't end up on road to ruin

The net is closing in on uninsured drivers. Vicky Shaw reports

These are uncertain times for mortgage borrowers

Don't let fate find your rate

Think about moving your mortgage before costs rise, says Tricia Phillips

Students are settling into life at University

Learning from other students' lessons

Heading out to university? Vicky Shaw shares some advice on how not to make money mistakes

Children will learn about managing finances in lessons

Questions of money

Financial education reforms could add up to more money staying in the next generation’s pockets. Vicky Shaw reports

Financial jargon can be confusing

Money talks

The language of money can be difficult to master. Vicky Shaw helps to translate it

More people are turning to the internet to do their shopping and banking

Advances in technology slipping seamlessly into routines

New technology is transforming how we carry out our daily financial tasks, says Vicky Shaw

Track down some bargains to save money at the start of the new school year

Do your homework for new school term deals

The summer break gives many parents a welcome opportunity to spend some extra time with the children

A couple outside an estate agent's window as one in five people who recently got onto the property ladder now regrets not buying somewhere cheaper

Consumer confidence in the housing market slips to three-year low

The housing market might still be chugging along the road to recovery, but recently, there have also been signs the chugging is getting a little slower

A couple calculating their finances as it has been found that nearly half of adults across the UK admit to falling into debt as a direct result of their social lives

Financial hangover? Simple changes can do wonders for your social life

We all love letting off steam from time to time, but new research suggests this fun may be leaving many of us with a heavy and lingering financial hangover

Young women are now more likely than men to become insolvent say new figures

Ladies in Red

Young women are now more likely than men to become insolvent say new figures. Vicky Shaw asks why

It's a happy day but behind the smiles there might be some concerns about how much you have spent to be there

Aisle save money

However much you love being a wedding guest, there's no denying it's an expensive business. But Vicky Shaw believes you can say 'I do' want to cut costs

When using your card abroad, never accept the chance to pay in sterling. Always pay in local currency as it is cheaper

Get a rate deal on holiday money

Tricia Phillips on how to make your hard-earned cash go further on a holiday abroad 

Make sure you get the most out of the new NISAs

ISAs just got NISA

 There are some major changes happening next week which will give you more choice, greater flexibility and a much bigger tax-free allowance for your ISA savings. Andrew Hagger explains how to ensure the new rules work in your favour 

The CMA says lenders should be forced to clearly tell a customer up front what the total cost will be if they fail to pay back their loan on time so borrowers are not stung by unexpected payouts

Pay day lender probe over lack of competition

Loans industry could be shaken up in wake of watchdog’s new investigation, writes Vicky Shaw


Some home truths about mortgages

The experts warn us to be wary of mortgage "urban myths", Vicky Shaw investigates just what is fact and what is fiction


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