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How clued up are you about your credit report?

How clued up are you about your credit report?

How clued up are you about your credit report? Vicky Shaw reveals the answer, for many of us, is 'not very'

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne

Savers deserve a clearer picture for their cash

As many of us are looking to spring clean our savings around now, Vicky Shaw asks would you be tempted by a "teaser" interest rate? 

The Bank of England base rate has now been at a historic 0.5% low for half a decade

Touching base with lowest rate's legacy

The Bank of England base rate has now been at a historic 0.5% low for half a decade. So what has this meant for households? Vicky Shaw reports

Falling behind with your mortgage payments can be a very worrying time

Homing in on money worries

If you're struggling to make mortgage payments don’t leave it to late to seek help, says Vicky Shaw 

A new probe has been announced into the retirement annuities market

An age old problem

Controversy over annuities – products people buy when they retire to guarantee them an income – has erupted again. Vicky Shaw reports

Money can't buy you love? Think again

Your love life hangs in the (bank) balance 

Money can’t buy you love? Think again. New research suggests the secret to long-lasting relationships is the ability to keep finances on an even keel. Vicky Shaw investigates

Parents should make sure they protect their passwords and change them regularly

Online gaming may no longer be child's play

A consumer watchdog is to force the online games industry to comply with rules to prevent children feeling pressured to "pay to play". Vicky Shaw reports

The number of 20 and 30-somethings who still live with their parents has grown by 25 per cent since 1996

The rise of the stay at home 30-somethings

New official figures shed fresh light on the extent of the "boomerang" generation of young adults still living in their parents' home. Vicky Shaw reports 

An easier switching process means banks must treat their customers well or risk losing them to competitors

Is it time you and your bank split up?

With Valentine’s Day fast-approaching, romance is in the air, but the latest figures indicate that for many of us a break-up is on the cards - with our current account provider. Vicky Shaw takes a closer look 

Beware the dangers of the ghost-brokers

Motor insurance: Beware the dangers of the ghost-brokers

A new awareness campaign is warning drivers about fraudsters who sell fake car insurance. Vicky Shaw investigates how to avoid becoming a victim of such scams

Is it worth saving for a rainy day?

Is it worth saving for a rainy day?

With Christmas looming, putting money aside for emergencies becomes even more of a challenge. Vicky Shaw looks at new research highlighting the ongoing struggles of savers. 

The UK-wide Help to Buy scheme is bedding in

UK Help to Buy scheme really does help people to buy

The Government’s drive to help buyers who only have smaller deposits onto the housing market is being hailed as a great success. Vicky Shaw looks at the impact of the Help to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme since its launch in October

Think about your finances this Christmas

Advice for UK shoppers splashing out this Christmas

With many people preparing to enjoy Christmas on credit Vicky Shaw looks at the festive financial risks and how you can best avoid them

The Government is cracking-down on "rip off" charges shrinking people's old age nest eggs

UK pensions: Fears of future based on pension pot luck

The Government is cracking-down on "rip off" charges shrinking people's old age nest eggs, but Vicky Shaw finds too many of us are relying on inheritance to pay for our retirements

It is now easier to switch banks

Thousands bank on the chance to switch

The new customer guarantee aimed at making it easier for people ditch their old current account provider and switch to a better deal has made an "encouraging start. Vicky Shaw reports

Consumer complaints about banks have fallen

Financial service firms put scandals behind them

The latest figures show a sharp fall in the number of customer complaints made to banks in recent months. Vicky Shaw looks at how financial services firms appear to be putting the scandals of the past behind them and focusing on their service     

The Help to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme is controversial

Will Help to Buy get the housing market moving?

With the second phase of the Government’s low-deposit mortgage guarantee scheme now underway, Vicky Shaw looks at the effects it will have on first-time buyers, and the property market as a whole

Confidence in pension saving is vital if the successes seen so far are to continue

Pensions are feeling more save and sound

A landmark scheme to encourage millions more people to save for their later years has just celebrated its first anniversary. Vicky Shaw looks at its successes so far, and what more needs to be done

Credit cards

We're taking a little credit - Borrowing on the rise

For the first time in four years, borrowing on credit cards and personal loans is back on the rise. Vicky Shaw investigates 

There are fears over a new housing 'bubble'

Fears of new housing market 'bubble'

After years of stagnation the housing market’s finally showing new signs of life, but some experts are warning that we could be heading for a new "bubble". Vicky Shaw takes a look at the issue


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