MP earns £100,000 in extras

Former Health Secretary Alan Milburn has earned more than £100,000 on top on his MP's salary, including work for health organisations, according to new figures published yesterday.

Stop deportation of Darfuri asylum seekers

If the Government is as concerned as it claims to be about the people of Darfur, then it should at the very least abide by its international obligation to protect these Darfuri asylum seekers and issue an immediate moratorium on the further removal of non-Arab Darfuri asylum seekers to Sudan.

In my view

April 24, 2007, marks the 92nd Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

Iran's uranium boast

Iran announced yesterday that it has begun enriching uranium with 3,000 centrifuges in a dramatic expansion of a nuclear programme that has drawn UN sanctions and condemnation from the West.

Why did we risk British lives?

Commentators are divided over who came out on top in the Iran hostage situation.

`I think we're going to get executed'

  • BBC

British sailors and marines freed by Iran feared they would be executed during their captivity, they said yesterday.

A glimpse of an apocalypse

Billions of people will face catastrophic drought and food shortages because of climate change in the second half of this century unless governments act now, a new report claims.

Iran's president frees UK sailors

The British Service personnel captured by the Iranians were last night preparing to fly home after their 13-day ordeal was suddenly and dramatically brought to a close.

We didn't negotiate or confront – Blair

Here is part of the text of Tony Blair's statement following the announcement that the 15 Britons held in Iran are to be released:

Be prepared for the unexpected because disasters DO happen

Small businesses are being urged to ensure they are fully prepared for the effects of climate change, as new figures show that millions are unprepared to cope in the repercussions of storms, flooding or other disasters.

Nominations sought for Hotspur Award

The Northumbrian Association is again asking the people of the North-East to nominate an individual for the Hotspur Award.

Keith Hann column

You will have spotted the unwelcome revival of that always painfully unfunny drama, the Iranian hostage crisis.

Blair urges Iran to let Britons go

The seizure of 15 British Navy personnel by Iran is a "very serious situation", Tony Blair said yesterday as he publicly entered the diplomatic crisis for the first time.

Kevin Rowan column

My guess is that many people won't know that this Wednesday, March 21, is actually the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, established following the Sharpeville massacre of 1960, when 69 anti-apartheid protesters were killed.

Seven troops die – and toll `hits one million'

The us military last night announced the deaths of seven more troops in Iraq, including four killed by a roadside bomb while patrolling western Baghdad.

Relief as hostage son is freed

  • BBC

The parents of a North-East man held hostage for nearly two weeks in Ethiopia spoke of their relief last night at his release from captivity.

Deadlock on Kosovo

Year-long talks on the future status of Kosovo have ended in deadlock, a UN envoy said yesterday, reflecting bitter divisions between Serbia's government and the disputed province's pro-independence ethnic Albanian leadership.

Big boost to play areas

Councillors in Crook, County Durham, have given their backing to proposals to invest hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of cash into play areas in the town.

GSK shares continue recent good run

Property and real estate shares came under pressure after British Land gave a cautious assessment of current conditions in the property market.

North entrepreneur reaches for the sky

Entreperneur Karl Watkin has launched what he describes as the world's first environmentally friendly executive jet chartering business.

Volcano death toll

The ash and boulders had been building up since an eruption in July, high on the slopes of the Mayon volcano in the Philippines.

Terror in Sudan

The Sudanese army and government-backed militias are committing acts of "inexplicable terror" against civilians, including children, in Darfur, the UN's top humanitarian official says.

Regime change an illegal reason for war

Your correspondent Michael Watts (Letters, October 26) asserts the Government mantra that we invaded and occupied Iraq in order to free the people from Saddam Hussein's tyrannical reign.

UN chief expelled

The Sudanese government yesterday ordered the chief UN envoy to leave the country within three days after he wrote that the Sudanese army had suffered serious losses fighting rebels in northern Darfur.

More shops help H&M boost sales

Clothing retailer Hennes & Mauritz has reported a boost in sales during September thanks to an increase in the number of stores in its chain.

UN approval for Korea sanctions

The UN Security Council unanimously approved tough sanctions against North Korea for its claimed nuclear test, but yesterday divisions over how to enforce them signalled that implementation may not be easy.

Testing time on foreign affairs

After a week which began with North Korea testing a nuclear weapon and ended with the new head of the British Army calling for our troops to quit Iraq, it is inevitable that the focus of political attention this week has been on foreign affairs.

Thousands to stand up for world's poor

Thousands of worshippers at churches throughout the North-East will Stand Up Against Poverty tomorrow in a world record attempt.

Bosnia contract scoop for FTC

A training company from Newcastle has beaten off strong international competition to secure a contract to coach staff involved in helping to regenerate Bosnia- Herzegovina.

`Punitive actions' call

North Korea must face "some punitive actions" for testing a nuclear device, China's UN ambassador said yesterday, a sign that Beijing may be willing to impose Security Council sanctions against the country.

Sanctions urged on North Korea

Britian is to push for new sanctions against North Korea in response to its apparent nuclear weapons test, Margaret Beckett said yesterday.

Sudan drops warning

Sudan has withdrawn its warning to other governments that supporting the dispatch of UN peacekeepers to the troubled Darfur region would be considered a "hostile act." The warning letter was sent to several nations on Tuesday.

Axe nuclear test call

The UN Security Council yesterday reached an agreement on a formal statement urging North Korea to cancel its planned nuclear test and return immediately to talks on scrapping its nuclear weapons programme, Russia said.

Neighbour buys 75% of D1 Oil's biodiesel

Green fuel producer D1 Oils has clinched its first major commercial deal to sell its Teesside-made biodiesel.

No stop to nuclear insists Iran's leader

Western sanctions will not stop Iran from enriching uranium, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned yesterday.

Israeli pull-out leaves a last outpost on Lebanese soil

The Israeli army abandoned almost all its positions in Lebanon yesterday, nearly fulfilling a key condition of the August 14 ceasefire that ended a month-long war against Hezbollah.

Watkin to quit chair at D1 Oils

North entrepreneur Karl Watkin is to step down as chairman of D1 Oils after revealing that the Middlesbrough-based green fuel producer has already created more than 220,000 jobs.

Star who is turning into a real hero

George Clooney in ER, the American hit TV show, didn't move me.

The new Guantanamo

The new Guantanamo

African stars take the Sage

This weekend sees the climax of the annual L'Afrique - a Newcastle festival which, as the name suggests, is a celebration of African culture with a particular focus on the music of the continent.


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