People enjoy the mild weather at Alnmouth, Northumberland

We are using the environment as a cost-free dumping ground

Kate Thick says our North East beaches may be wonderful, but it's a different story in the world's oceans

Newcastle Lib Dem councillor Doreen Huddart

Heaton councillor Doreen Huddart talks about life as an international election monitor

From land mines to intimidation, the North East councillor talks about life in the world's trouble spots as an international election monitor

Shoes, clothes and containers lay in an inflatable dinghy after an Italian Financial Police unit rescued migrants off the Libyan coast, in the Mediterranean Sea

Kate Thick: Sending in a battleship may have primitive appeal - but we need better ways of thinking

Journal columnist Kate Thick on the UK's response to the crisis unfolding in the Mediterranean

Prime Minister Harold Wilson seen here casting his vote in the 1975 EEC Referendum along with his wife

David Taylor-Gooby: Let's have the debate about leaving the EU here and now

David Taylor-Gooby says we do not have the luxury of debating for years before we vote on whether to leave the European Union

Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan

We can leave the European Union - and stay in the European single market

Journal columnist Peter Troy says the stakes surrounding a British exit from the EU may not be as high as some say

Iranians flash the victory sign

The nuclear deal with Iran shows that the sun is peeking out at last

Journal columnist Kate Thick on the successful negotiations that should be welcomed around the world

Child labour in Benin, West Africa. Afi (9) who was trafficked to work as a house slave when she was 7

Kate Thick: We have no excuse to let our children down

Every child plucked to safety is a victory. But with over a billion deprived children in the world there is a lot of plucking to do

Parents and children who are opposed to the possible closure of Ponteland Sure start center

Kate Thick: We are developing a big problem with how we see human rights

Journal columnist Kate Thick on how protection of human rights is suddenly not important enough for too many people

Young people in Ndhiwa

Tyneside-based charity Team Kenya puts education first for African girls

A Tyneside charity has launched a campaign to help give 20 girls in one Kenyan town the "unaffordable dream" - an education

Lawyer Chris McCurley

A lawyer inspired by the feisty females of Newcastle's West End, celebrates a 25 year career

Kate Proctor speaks to Newcastle lawyer Cris McCurley as she celebrates a 25 year career

Lawyer Chris McCurley

Newcastle Lawyer of the year takes Government to task over legal aid at UN in Geneva

Newcastle family law expert Cris McCurley finds the Government is breaching international law on human rights over legal aid cut-backs

Labour MP for Easington Grahame Morris

County Durham MP demands economic sanctions to force Israel to make peace

Conflict between Israel and Palestinians will only get worse unless action is taken, warns North East MP

Paul Brannen, North East Labour MEP

Paul Brannen: The story of Toc H and the pursuit of peace across Europe

North East MEP Paul Brannen says Remembrance events show just how far Europe has come in the last 60 years

Hilton Dawson

Hilton Dawson: There is no logic in wearing a poppy and not voting

Northumbrian and former MP Hilton Dawson on the responsibility we all face in a democracy that many lost their lives to protect

Children in Kurdistan, October 2014

Gary Kent: The Kurds using pea-shooters in David and Goliath battle against Isis

Gary Kent, just back from his 19th visit to Kurdistan in the last eight years, argues that the Kurds desperately need Britain's help

Staff at a hospital take part in an exercise to test Britain's readiness for an Ebola outbreak

David Banks: I'm on my way back from west Africa - and my friends are prepared

Journal columnist David Banks heads back to Northumberland after his trip to Africa - where they see Ebola rather differently

Easington MP Grahame Morris

MP Grahame Morris says Justice for Palestine will bring peace to everyone in the region

North East Labour MP Grahame Morris leads Commons calls to recognise Palestine

Alan Henning, the British aid worker who has kidnapped and brutally murdered by IS militants

George Hepburn: Once again we are at war without a clear aim

Journal columnist George Hepburn says the murder of Alan Henning was grotesque, but the way forward must be diplomacy and not war

MP Chi Onwurah

Newcastle MP calls for boycott of goods produced in Israeli settlements

Chi Onwurah told Labour conference that separation of Israelis and Palestinians has destroyed beauty of Jerusalem

A screen grab of an IS / ISIS Video posted on YouTube

Hilton Dawson: British jihadists are not being radicalised, they are being feudalised

Journal columnist and former MP Hilton Dawson, of Northumberland, says if we decide the Islamists' threat is someone else’s problem we have lost


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