Ukip leader Nigel Farage posing for a picture with a member of the public outside the studios of LBC in central London

UKIP: I understand the argument about immigration - but why, did we bang on about it?

Ukip MEP and parliamentary candidate Jonathan Arnott with a straight-talking analysis of what his party has to change

The Great North Museum Hancock

Hours before polling day, what are the parties saying about Arts and Culture?

A new theatre for Manchester, £500m more for the arts and smoking back in pubs - just some pledges from the election rivals

Party leaders, David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage

What the political parties are saying ahead of Thursday's General Election

There are big differences between left and right on future energy policy, but the topic has not been on the election agenda

Prime Minister David Cameron

George Hepburn: Isn't it time we tackled the life and death test of our civilisation?

Journal columnist George Hepburn says that if we are serious about tackling climate change we need to get on to a war foorting to show it

A ballot box at a polling station

Peter Troy: Things can only get better, we were once promised. Clearly, they need to

Journal columnist Peter Troy asks why so many people are convinced there is no point in them voting

Journal columnist Keith Hann

Keith Hann: I told you I was ill

Journal columnist Keith Hann on the search for a suitable epitaph - and a Latin translation

The first election debate live - Thursday 15 April 2010

Paul Linford: If voters wants to see the leaders debate each other at the election, then they probably will

Journal columnist Paul Linford says the other party leaders should call David Cameron's bluff. If they do so, the public will be behind them

French President Francois Hollande delivers his speech during a ceremony to pay tribute to the three police officers killed in the attacks, in Paris, France

Peter Troy: More detail but less information about terrorist attacks

Journal columnist Peter Troy questions the decision to focus so much attention on what happened in Paris at the expense of events elsewhere

The Nissan Qashqai in production in Sunderland

David Taylor-Gooby: We can ease fears over immigration by tackling the UK's regional imbalance

Journal columnist David Taylor-Gooby says concerns over migration can be resolved if regions like the North East can compete with London

Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson

Paul Linford: It is December 2015 and the new Prime Minister settles into his armchair

Journal columnist and former political editor Paul Linford looks into his crystal ball and predicts a truly tumultuous election year

Ballot box

What does 2015 hold for politics in the North East? Jonathan Walker looks ahead

Political Editor Jonathan Walker predicts an exciting General Election - and more cuts, whoever wins

Jonathan Arnott: Labour's record on the NHS is nothing like as strong as it makes out

  • NHS

North East Ukip MEP Jonathan Arnott says Labour does not have the right prescription for the NHS - and there is all the proof you need in Wales

UKIP candidate Jonathan Arnott

Jonathan Arnott: Too many MPs don't know what it's like to live on the minimum wage

Ukip North East MEP Jonathan Arnott says his party is making progress at the expense of Labour because they can better connect with real people

Jonathan Arnott

North East UKIP MEP says selective education could help bridge attainment gap between state and private schools

UKIP's North East MEP Jonathan Arnott said selective education is one of the ways to give bright kids from poor backgrounds an opportunity

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander

Danny Alexander: Government is ready to devolve power to regions

Chief Secretary to the Treasury said government is posing a 'challenge' to local leaders - and the Lib Dems will prove polls wrong in election

Elizabeth Truss MP, Secretary of State for Enviroment, Food and rural affairs at the Northern Farming Conference in Hexham

Government Minister Liz Truss told to re-consider threat to leave Europe

Environment Secretary Liz Truss warned about leaving Europe at farming conference in Hexham

Candidate for the European Parliment Jonathan Arnott, at the Sage, Gateshead

Jonathan Arnott: UKIP is here to stay because we have proved it over a long period

UKIP North East MEP Jonathan Arnott says critics who say the party will slip back have misunderstood how it rose so far in the first place

Ukip leader Nigel Farage posing for a picture with a member of the public outside the studios of LBC in central London

Thom Brooks: Ukip must adapt or it will surely die

Durham University professor Thom Brooks looks at the Ukip phenomenon and concludes that its reliance on one message will be its undoing

Paul Linford: Is the answer to the English Question a parliament for the North?

The Journal's former political editor says a North East assembly may be out of the question - but there is still a way forward

UKIP map

Richard Kirkman: UKIP's 2020 vision could bring about Labour's nightmare scenario in the North East

Richard Kirkman says Ukip is unlikely to win North East seats next year - but could be in prime position to strike in the election after that


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