Rubbish is high on agenda

NORTH-East taxpayers could foot the bill for annual fines of up to £83m unless councils slash the amount of rubbish dumped into landfill.

FMD curbs to go in days, says Brown

NORTH-EAST Minister Nick Brown predicts the region could be free of foot-and-mouth restrictions by the end of the week.

We need fairer share of rural funds

THE past weeks have seen significant changes in political leadership in two member states and a blueprint cobbled together for changes to the functioning of the European Union itself.

Not too late for construction to be given a seat

SO, Tony Blair has gone and Gordon Brown is now in Number 10.

Reach for the skies

CUT-PRICE travel pioneer Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou has received an honorary degree from Northumbria University.

Brown urged to have rethink on academies

THE Government has been urged to take a “step back” and review its academies programme before building any more of the state-funded independent schools.

Stalked for 15 years

A FRENCH woman who harassed a man for 15 years bombarded her victim with 480 emails in a month, a court heard yesterday.

Down to brass tacks

DURING the course of the long debate over whether the North-East should have an elected assembly, one of the most oft-heard criticisms of the idea was that “it isn’t what they’re talking about down the Dog and Duck.”

Party picks Blair's other replacement

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TONY Blair has introduced the man he hopes will replace him as MP for Sedgefield.

THE Spice Girls rolled back into my life last week.

And for me, it will always be Geri.

Will Brown share our clear vision?

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ONE of the fascinating things about the departure of a seriously high-profile figure is the number of people who crawl out the woodwork to critique whether or not they did a good job.

Relatives’ fury over bomb art

NORTH-EAST artist Gerald Laing yesterday defended his painting of the July 7 London bombing, which has been condemned by victims’ relatives.

Blair’s man awaits verdict

TONY Blair’s North-East election agent is the focus of a Standards Board investigation over his council conduct.

First-timers fall by the kerbside

Mose people - with the exception of would-be first time buyers with little chance now of jumping on the bandwagon of home ownership - appear to be winners in the housing market from Tony Blair's 10 years as Prime Minister.

Taxman the winner

Young people forced away from home ownership are boosting the buy to let sector.

Hardship inflicted by the Thatcher years

I was surprised that there was not a flood of letters replying to Tim Brown's letter (Voice of the North, June 18).

Lord Stevens accepts role of adviser

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Former North police chief Lord Stevens has accepted a job offer from Gordon Brown, as the new Prime Minister made good his promise to build a "Government of all talents".

It's almost time to put the lights out

"Last cigarettes" will be the call at pubs, clubs and restaurants tonight as England goes smoke-free from July 1.

He's plainly different

When she stood on the steps of 10 Downing Street after being voted into power in 1979, Margaret Thatcher famously quoted St Francis of Assisi and promised to bring harmony where there was discord.

Real test for arts in next spending review

It is a credit to The Journal that its front page should be asking questions about the future commitment of Gordon Brown's Government to funding for the arts and museums.

Secrets Act gag on removal men

A worldwide Removals removal van called at ex-PM Tony Blair's constituency home last night.

Degrees for high flyers

The founder of the low-cost airline easyJet will share the billing with three heroes of the North-East when he gets an honorary degree from a university in the region next month.

Hopefuls line up for Blair's patch

Labour Party activists have said they expect Tony Blair to be campaigning in Sedgefield for their chosen candidate.

A message that can't simply be ignored

What changes a damn good union man when he enters into local politics or otherwise?

Willy Poole column

I suppose that by the time you read this you will have a new Prime Minister.

Unshackle our economy

Gordon Brown was today urged to prioritise investment in the North-East and unshackle the region's companies to boost prosperity as he takes over as Prime Minister.

Record floods could be followed by more

A huge clean-up operation is under way across much of Britain after severe flooding forced thousands of people from their homes and claimed the lives of three people.

Blair tipped for Middle East role

Speculation is rising that Tony Blair could quit as MP for Sedgefield if he is named as the new international envoy to the Middle East.

EU poll call `absurd'

Tony Blair said yesterday demands for a referendum on the new European Union treaty were "absurd" and told MPs there would be no "vast transfer of power" to Brussels as a result of the deal agreed at the weekend by EU leaders.

Blair's 10 years in 20 words...

How would you describe Tony Blair's time in office - if you only had a few words to do it?

Harman denies criticising Iraq war

Labour's new deputy leader has been plunged into controversy over her stance on Iraq as she denied calling for the Government to apologise for the war.

Hewitt has caused huge grief to doctors

In the light of the fiasco surrounding the appointment of junior hospital doctors, it may be salutary to highlight some of the deficiencies of the Hewitt innovations.

Politicians' private lives not the point

Radio 4 has adopted an irritating habit of trailing forthcoming programmes.

The Monday Question:

Will Labour leader Gordon Brown and his deputy Harriet Harman be a winning team at the next General Election?

MPs back the right to know

The Government should drop its plan to restrict access to freedom of information because it could allow public bodies to dodge difficult or embarrassing questions, MPs said yesterday .

NHS goes to top of Brown's action plan

Gordon Brown was crowned Labour leader yesterday - and promised to "meet the challenge of change" as he seeks to renew his party and the country.

The talented Mr Blair

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And so the turbulent premiership of Tony Blair draws to an almost eerily peaceful conclusion, the first since Harold Wilson's to end neither in electoral defeat nor in an internal party coup.

View on council contains a key error

I refer to the letter from James Ramsbotham of the North East Chamber of Commerce headlined "Why counties must each have one voice" (Voice of the North, June 21).

Progress being made, says PM

Prime Minister Tony Blair said yesterday that progress was being made towards securing a treaty for EU reform which meets Britain's key demands.

UK and USA sign deal

Britain and America yesterday signed a defence co-operation trade deal designed to cut red tape and speed up the sharing of classified information.


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