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A view of Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament in London

If the case for Metro Mayors is so strong why does the Government fear putting it to a vote?

Paul Linford on the contradiction in terms that is at the heart of the Government's devolution plans

Jonathan Arnott

A glimpse into the outrageous workings of the European Union

North East Ukip Euro MP Jonathan Arnott on the anti-democratic machinations at Brussels over a crucial trade deal

Thom Brooks

Let's reflect carefully before we leap ahead with another expensive mistake

Professor Thom Brooks on the elephant trap the Government has walked into once - and may do so again


Paul Benneworth: The Dutch look after each other - why can't the British do the same?

  • NHS

North East-born academic Paul Benneworth contrasts the welfare systems in Holland - where he lives - and Britain

Magna Carta

Human rights are about us - not just about criminals and terrorists

The Human Rights Act is a beautifully simple piece of legislation that we should be defending, argues Kate Thick

David Miliband

Paul Linford: You can get 33-1 on David Miliband being the next PM after Cameron

Paul Linford on the Labour leadership contest - and a possible route to power for the former MP for South Shields

Workers in front of a stunning sunset in Kurdistan, North Iraq

Gary Kent: Why Britain can benefit from showing its faith in Kurdistan

Gary Kent, back from his 18th visit to Kurdistan, says its people  need and deserve our help

Charles Kennedy who has died aged 55

How the Lib Dem leadership contenders can learn from Charles Kennedy's example

Journal columnist Paul Linford on how the Liberal Democrats can stand tall again after the shattering blows of recent weeks

FIFA headquarters

Bernard Trafford: There we were thinking that football was just a game

Newcastle headteacher Bernard Trafford says FIFA should be dismantled, cleaned up and rebuilt

Graham Robb

Accept that the North East will get Metro Mayors - and work to win them more powers

Graham Robb says it is pointless to ask for powers of a new mayor to be diluted. Instead, they should be strengthened

Sarah Glendinning, assistant director, CBI North East

Sarah Glendinning: Time to get back to business now dust has settled in Government

Assistant regional director of the CBI on the business challenges facing the new Government

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, left, meets Prime Minister David Cameron at Chequers, Buckinghamshire, as Mr Cameron kicks off efforts to renegotiate the UK's relations with the EU

George Hepburn: David Cameron needs help to win his dangerous game

Journal columnist George Hepburn on the Prime Minister's efforts to win support for EU reform and how it may lead him into deep waters

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks outside 10 Downing Street

Paul Linford: Once the euphoria has gone the reality will kick in for the Conservatives

The Journal's political columnist, Paul Linford, on why the Tories might find governing to be rather harder than they anticipated

Paul Brannen, Jonathan Arnott and Judith Kirton-Darling

EU Referendum: Why we have to vote to stay in the European Union

The Journal's opinion column for Friday, May 29, in which we put our weight behind the campaign to stay in the European Union

John F Kennedy in July 1963

John F Kennedy was right. Ask not what your country can do for you...

Durham University professor Thom Brooks argues that what’s lacking in politics is an inspiring vision worth voting for

Graeme Whitfield

Graeme Whitfield: I haven't met anyone in business who wants to leave the EU

The business editor of The Journal on how the vote on staying in the EU might be won

UKIP candidate Jonathan Arnott

Jonathan Arnott: Some issues are best decided by people, not politicians

North East Ukip MEP Jonathan Arnott says our outdated voting system is creaking at the seams.

Rachel Turnbull, chief executive of TT2

If we don't get our infrastructure right we risk wasting the opportunity our region has been given

Tyne Tunnel boss Rachel Turnbull says that whatever way the North East is governed our ambitions must be matched by our infrastructure

A housing estate

How do we solve the North East's housing problem?

Alison Thain and Paul Fiddaman, two experts in their field, on the measures needed to address the misfiring housing system in the region

Nick Clegg

Politics as a whole is more unpredictable - and that gives us hope

Ron Beadle - a winning Lib Dem council candidate on May 7 - says the parties that lost the election can still find a way back


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