Bamburgh Castle by Bill Stephens was judged the overall winner

New Cramlington Emergency Hospital photo competition - the winners

A competition to find photographs for a new Northumberland hospital attracted nearly 1,000 entries


Paul Benneworth: The Dutch look after each other - why can't the British do the same?

  • NHS

North East-born academic Paul Benneworth contrasts the welfare systems in Holland - where he lives - and Britain

George Osborne visits Nifco's factory in Eaglescliffe

What is the point of growth if it misses out young people?

Kate Thick on why the jigsaw pieces of the British economy do not fit together

A Generic Photo of antibiotics

Kate Thick: It isn't just humans that are over-using antibiotics

  • NHS

Journal columnist Kate Thick on the global threat that could soon be costing 10 million lives a year

George Osborne

We need children protected and bins cleared - we don't need hundreds of councillors and officers

North East Party leader Hilton Dawson says it is now possible to see what George Osborne has in store for the region


Surgical errors cost NHS £1.1billion a year

They also place a heavy financial burden on the NHS at a time when resources are under growing pressure from an ageing population and rising demand for services

Kids 1st Nurseries invests £1.5m into new nursery at Gateshead QE Hospital

A number of places at the new Kids 1st nursery will be allocated to Gateshead NHS Trust staff, the company has confirmed

Beth Farhat, regional secretary at the Northern TUC

Beth Farhat column: General election was a missed chance

Regional secretary of the TUC says the election will make the country more divisive

Ed Miliband

Labour will eventually bounce back, but the Liberal Democrats face a more uncertain future

Journal columnist Paul Linford analyses the surprise election victory for the Conservatives

ITV Leaders' Debate 2015 showing all seven lecterns

Bernard Trafford: It's time for the politicians to put country before party

Journal columnist and headteacher Bernard Trafford on the 'impossible' coalition that could be the best result in the election

Doug Turnbull

Newcastle University medical pioneer Doug Turnbull discusses his game-changing research

Prof Turnbull leads the team that put Newcastle scientists in the national spotlight earlier this year with their mitochondrial DNA breakthroughs

Prime Minister Harold Wilson seen here casting his vote in the 1975 EEC Referendum along with his wife

David Taylor-Gooby: Let's have the debate about leaving the EU here and now

David Taylor-Gooby says we do not have the luxury of debating for years before we vote on whether to leave the European Union

The Q-Poc diagnostic tool developed by QuantuMDx

QuantuMDx to double headcount and pursue IPO

Commercialisation of innovative handheld devices draws closer with final prototype trials planned

Minister for Cities Greg Clark with Anne Marie Trevelyan Tory candidate for Berwick visits First4Websites and Maden Eco in Berwick

North East could get control of NHS funding under Tory-led Government, says minister

Senior Conservative Greg Clark also said a mayor could champion the region as he pledged a new enterprise zone for Northumberland

The new chief executive of NHS, Simon Stevens (centre) talking to staff at at Shotley Bridge Hospital in County Durham

David Taylor-Gooby: NHS five-year plan has wide support - but how do we pay for it?

  • NHS

Author and Journal columnist David Taylor-Gooby says we must have an honest debate about NHS funding - and consider controversial ideas

Deputy leader of the Labour Party Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman: 'I'm certain regional pay will be on the Tories' agenda'

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party says 'Northern Powerhouse' is a gimmick but Tories say regional pay claims are 'scaremongering'


The NHS has more money than ever before, so why can't it cope?

  • NHS

It's not true that health spending has been cut - funding has actually risen. But health trusts still can't cope with demand

A ballot box at a polling station

Journal opinion: They will really have to work hard for your vote

The Journal's opinion column for Tuesday, March 31, in which we introduce and interpret the North East people's manifesto

Prime Minister David Cameron

Jonathan Arnott: We have a chance to curb the excesses of the European Union

Ukip North East MEP Jonathan Arnott on how being a turkey voting for Christmas in the European Parliament can be a thankless task

Richard Kirk, chief executive of PolyPhotonix

How one Durham business is making strides in the treatment of a major cause of sight loss

One of the winners in last week’s Durham and Wearside Business Awards is creating quite a stir in the worlds of business and healthcare. Robert Gibson looks at the cutting edge work of County Durham firm PolyPhotonix


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