Daring play on Maggie leaves you wondering

IN the 1980s, you could imagine news of the death of the then Premier Margaret Thatcher would have been received with nothing short of macabre delight in many working class communities.

The rise and rise of Mains power

A happy, if painful, accident put Sarah Mains on the road to being one of the North-East’s most successful real estate entrepreneurs.

Dear PM, please let Shearer become Sir

IT has been heralded as the interactive way to get involved in politics – post a petition on the Downing Street website and hope the Prime Minister is online.

Maggie's End has a leading bar role

WHEN the pound coin was introduced on April 21, 1983, it quickly gained the sobriquet, “a Maggie”.

He's plainly different

When she stood on the steps of 10 Downing Street after being voted into power in 1979, Margaret Thatcher famously quoted St Francis of Assisi and promised to bring harmony where there was discord.

An open letter to Gordon Brown

An open letter to Gordon Brown

Appetite for growth

After surviving two world wars and the Great Depression, a fourth generation fish and chip shop supplier is looking forward to a profitable 21st century.

The Monday Question:

Will Labour leader Gordon Brown and his deputy Harriet Harman be a winning team at the next General Election?

The talented Mr Blair

  • BBC

And so the turbulent premiership of Tony Blair draws to an almost eerily peaceful conclusion, the first since Harold Wilson's to end neither in electoral defeat nor in an internal party coup.

Queen puts finishing touch to memorial

A poignant memorial honouring the 255 Britons killed in the Falkland Islands conflict was completed yesterday by the Queen.

Men were dying and this was for real

A three-day Falklands Liberation commemoration across 8,000 miles and four time zones to mark the 25th anniversary of the conflict, begins on Thursday.

Brown in dark on Saudi `kickbacks'

Gordon Brown distanced himself from the row over the Saudi arms deal yesterday, saying he knew nothing of alleged kickbacks to Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

Taking the first steps on journey of self-discovery

Gemma Wilson gets herself together with the help of Life Clubs - the latest trend in life coaching.

Lesson for Brown from Tory rebels

Prior to Tony Blair's announcement that he was giving up the Labour leadership and with it the job of Prime Minister, the opinion polls showed his party languishing up to 10 points behind the Tories.

Satirical end for Mrs T

With plays like Dirty Dusting and Waiting For Gateaux, they've been making us laugh for years.

GPs handle minor ills

Patients trouble their GPs with common ailments that could be dealt with by a pharmacist, according to a survey.

Historic day for Maggie

Saturday May 5, 1979 - Margaret Thatcher took over the reins of power yesterday as Britain's first woman leader - and will today name the men to sit at her Cabinet table.

Building for the world

From its early stirrings, the North-East was hugely associated with the Industrial Revolution and its regional iron, steel and coal industries have been one of the most consistent barometers of prosperity and depression.

Brown pledges homes for all

Gordon Brown yesterday set out his vision of a "home-owning, asset-owning, wealth-owning democracy" as he stepped up his campaign to succeed Tony Blair as Prime Minister.

Peter Jackson column

If, contrary to my predictions, Nicolas Sarkozy succeeds in reforming France, he will provide a further example of a historical observation of mine.

Keith Hann column

I'm going to make a shocking confession: I've been a member of the Conservative Party for 35 years.

Peacocks still in the best of health

The Peacocks have been making orthotics in Newcastle for more than 100 years.

Record bombing mission which began Falklands conflict

Today, passenger airline pilot Martin Withers will be flying a Boeing 757 from Newcastle to Alicante for Thomas Cook.

Kirsty – a woman of many talents

Conference host Kirsty Wark has built a reputation as one of the most formidable television journalists, but she is also an entrepreneur in her own right.

End of the Peer show it is not!

It is nearly 50 years since an upper class puppet made his TV debut.

Grim anniversary sparks work plea

There were calls last night for Government to step up efforts to bring full employment to the North-East - ahead of today's 25th anniversary of the day unemployment topped three million.

Turning young lives around

Continuing Northern Business Daily's look at philanthropists in the North-East business community, Graeme King talks to Tor Paints founder Guy Readman.

Secret files reveal defence funds panic

Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan, right, pushed through swingeing defence cuts despite a warning he could be forced to abandon Britain's nuclear deterrent.

Hard work pays dividends for Steve

Steve Hodgson has taken the entrepreneurial spirit and hard work ethic learned from his father and turned it into a £1.5m-a-week used and new car business in a tough market.

Drinks are on us

An off-licence chain is braced today for a rush of customers after a 40% discount offer was widely circulated via email.

The desert may yet be fertile territory

Last week, I wrote that Tory leader David Cameron's lack of a clear policy agenda currently makes him a sitting target for Labour's charge that he is all style and no substance.

PM against Iraq inquiry

Prime Minister Tony Blair does not believe there should be an inquiry into the war in Iraq while British troops are on active service in the country, his official spokesman said yesterday.

Road to better future?

In the second of our features marking the 20th anniversary of bus deregulation, Political Editor Zoe Hughes speaks to bus operators about what the future holds.

Opt-in is just for those who can afford it

Regarding your report on two GPs offering a private, out-of-hours service in Newcastle (The Journal, October 17), I was deeply disappointed by Alan Beith's comment about it being "inevitable"; perhaps "disgraceful" would have been a more appropriate first response.

Read all about it – only in The Journal

A townie's take on the countryside, the rants of a grumpy, middle-aged woman and the musings of a former transport chief will be appearing in new columns in The Journal from next week.

A much-loved British show

  • BBC

By turns chatty and controversial, Woman's Hour has been a constant in the lives of British women since the end of the Second World War.

Pressure on the buses

A North council chief yesterday pledged to keep pressure on Government to follow through its pledge to hand over more power on buses, following service cuts in his county.

Here we go again

David Cameron yesterday raised the spectre of yet another referendum on the future of regional government in the North-East - this time over whether to keep the regional development agency.

Memorial `danger'

A proposed memorial to Margaret Thatcher would be a danger to road-users, South Kesteven Council said yesterday.

It will all come to nothing if he can't win the vote

British politics will be defined by one gruesome fact this week - that Tony Blair is finished, even though he is still in charge.


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