David Taylor-Gooby: There is no reason why the NHS cannot do things more efficiently

  • NHS

Journal columnist David Taylor-Gooby says the future of the NHS poses us some hard questions - but we must try to answer them

Northumberland County Hall move decision called in by opposition groups

Northumberland County Council's decision to progress plans to move from its Morpeth base has been called in by opposition groups

Paul Linford: Is the answer to the English Question a parliament for the North?

The Journal's former political editor says a North East assembly may be out of the question - but there is still a way forward

Frack Northumberland and build nuclear power stations, David Cameron urged

The Prime Minister was told to shelve the Climate Change Act to which it was claimed there was "extraordinarily strong opposition"

Northumberland Lib Dems welcome pension increase for 63,0000 pensioners

Liberal Democrat campaigners have welcomed 2.5% state pension increase triggered by 'Triple Lock' change they introduced

Richard Kirkman: UKIP's 2020 vision could bring about Labour's nightmare scenario in the North East

Richard Kirkman says Ukip is unlikely to win North East seats next year - but could be in prime position to strike in the election after that

Paul Linford: Why Nick Clegg has reason to be cheerful as conference season ends

The Journal's former political editor on the prospects for the general election as British politics fragments into a four-party system

Nick Clegg urges UK to reject 'politics of fear'

Liberal Democrat leader warns British politics is becoming increasingly bitter and tribal but says his party stands for "decent, British values"

Nick Clegg tells the North: We'll borrow to invest in transport infrastructure

Liberal Democrat leader backs One North plans for massive transport investment after deficit is taken care of

North East peer Lord Shipley says we need PR to prevent creation of 'one party states'

Devolved North East could be dominated by Labour with no effective opposition, warns Lib Dem Lord Shipley

Taxes must go up to cut deficit, Vince Cable insists

Lib Dem Business Secretary slams Tory plans to cut benefits

The Journal Opinion: Go back to your constituencies and prepare for opposition

The Journal's opinion column for Monday, October 6, in which we argue that the Lib Dems should think hard about joining a future coalition

Nick Clegg pledges developing North East will be at the heart of Lib Dem manifesto

Liberal Democrats will accept "One North" proposals to imporve the region's transport network, says party leader Clegg

Journal poll: how appetite for devolution is high after Scottish independence vote

Appetite for regional devolution higher than "English votes for English laws"

David Cameron promises to cut taxes and protect the NHS

The economy and Ed Miliband will be top issues in the Conservative election campaign, the Prime Minister told his colleagues

We need funding to make the North East grow - not more local structures, says Newcastle MP Nick Brown

Newcastle MP Nick Brown warned that debates about devolution risked were missing the point when the region needs investment

Party leaders praise Journal call for real devolution to the North

Westminster leaders respond to major newspapers of the north joining forces to demand a fair deal for the region

North East business leaders react to Scotland's vote to remain part of the UK

Senior businesspeople from across the region are now turning their attention to what devolved powers for Scotland could mean for the North East

Jonathan Walker: The day Westminster panicked - or how it all went wrong for the 'no' campaign

David Cameron and Ed Miliband both come out of the Scottish referendum campaign looking weak

We will change how the North East is run says Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

Deputy Prime Minister asks North East people how they want to be governed and defends decision to keep the Barnett Formula

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg calls on young people to help solve North-South divide

The Deputy Prime Minister has urged 16 to 24-year-olds to take part in debate on tackling the North/South divide

Lib Dem leader sets out his vision for North East devolution - no matter how the Scots vote

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is calling for decentralisation and devolution for the North whether Scotland vote for independence or not

Claims Ed Miliband is considering a guarded border with Scotland are 'ridiculous', a North East MP has said

Ronnie Campbell, MP for Blyth Valley has slammed Sunday newspaper claims that Labour plans a guarded border with Scotland

Lib Dems and Labour combine to defeat Government over bedroom tax

North East Lib Dem Julie Porksen prompted rebellion over bedroom tax that defeated the government, but Labour say only they would abolish the tax

Lib Dems' Northumberland post-16 transport cuts opposition labelled 'contradictory'

Opposition and campaigner prepare further attack on policy at this afternoon's Northumberland County Council meeting

Berwick MP Sir Alan Beith believes Commons Speaker crisis is not over

Commons Speaker John Bercow still has questions to answer over the appointment of a new clerk, says Sir Alan Beith

Future of energy under debate by North East politicians

Representatives of the major parties discuss the future of the energy sector in the North East

Political row sparked after Cease 24 in Alnwick is saved for another year

Northumberland County Council Lib Dems hit out at the authority's Labour leaders for 'taking credit' for domestic violence funding deal

Multi-million pound plans to shake-up Newcastle's road network come under fire

Newcastle City Council's proposed multi-million pound transport scheme would lead to the biggest overhaul of the city centre's roads in 30 years

Jesmond North by-election candidates back cyclists' calls for Osborne Road to be access-only

Labour, Lib Dem, Green, Conservative and UKIP representatives promise to address busy route

MP to set off on referendum "battle bus" to persuade Scottish Border towns to stay in the Union

North MP Guy Opperman will set off on his referendum battle bus to persuade voters in the Scottish Borders to stay in the Union.

Nick Clegg urges Journal readers to share ideas to help the North thrive

Deputy Prime Minister announces "Northern Futures" website for sharing ideas to boost the economy and create jobs

Two new North East representatives for House of Lords

Former MEP Martin Callanan and Labour official Chris Lennie to join the House of Lords

Police and Crime Commissioners insist they do a good job as Labour considers abolition

North East police bosses highlight the importance of their work as Labour considers scrapping the posts

Easington MP urges Vince Cable to support former coalfields of County Durham

Grahame Morris MP met with the Business Secretary to make the case for communities which have suffered decade of deprivation

Candidate is 'local' - to both Northumberland and London

Berwick parliamentary candidate Julie Pörksen has been accused of hypocrisy by political rivals over her claims to be 'local'

Journal poll suggests tough times ahead for Labour

When asked which of the party leaders do they think would make the best Prime Minister, some 25% of the North East said Mr Cameron, versus just 16% for Ed Miliband

Commons inquiry backs North East councils in row with bus operators

New bus franchises bitterly opposed by transport companies have been backed by the Commons Transport Committee

North East business community to debate implications of Scottish referendum

The Journal will be hosting a business breakfast focused on the much-talked about issue of Scotland's future

400 Land Registry jobs in Durham are saved - for now

Ministers have stopped plans to sell or part-privatise the Land Registry, including a Durham office which employs 400 people


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