Dave Anderson: Decent health and social care are vital - but how do we deliver it?

Blaydon MP Dave Anderson on why the need to integrate health and social care is becoming vital

Paul Linford: Why Alan Milburn should have kept his mouth shut

  • BBC

Journal columnist Paul Linford on why Labour's former health secretary was wrong to criticise his party's approach on the NHS

Hilton Dawson - from schoolboy protestor to the North East party leader

Will political veteran triumph against the odds again and win influence for the North East

Winston Churchill funeral anniversary - closet leftie, failure or our greatest leader?

Experts give their views on former Prime Minister Winston Churchill on the 50th anniversary of his state funeral

Labour's Chuka Umunna vows to raise living standards in North East and back world-class industries

Shadow Business Secretary rejects calls for Labour to abandon planned spending cuts in interview with The Journal

Thom Brooks: Waiting for a credible message of realistic optimism

Journal columnist Thom Brooks on how coming up with a credible, optimistic message can be a vote winner in this year's election

Around 60,000 jobs could be created if region meets house building targets

Demand for houses is outstripping supply in the region so why aren't more projects underway?

Jeremy Beecham: Veterans deserve better when the journey back to Civvy Street gets tough

Labour peer and Newcastle councillor Lord Beecham on how veterans' courts could be trialled here in the North East

Rift between North East regional leaders over £150,000 salary for new job creation tsar

The North East Local Enterprise Partnership wants to hire Australian investment commissioner but wage is being blocked by combined authority

Bernard Trafford: We must renounce the big lies - and the small ones too

Journal columnist and Newcastle headteacher Bernard Trafford says we have to nail the lies that are being offered up to us

Journal opinion: Anything can happen in the next 100 days

The Journal's opinion column for Tuesday, January 27, as we look ahead to the general election 100 days away

The Battle for Berwick: Tories and Lib Dems neck-and-neck in race for election

Regional Affairs Reporter Rachel Wearmouth takes a look at how things are shaping up in the North East's key marginal seat

MEP Paul Brannen adds voice to the dairy debate

Paul Brannen MEP has visited a dairy farm in Northumberland to see firsthand the impact of the recent milk price crisis

Paul Linford: An answer to the English Question - or just the same old muddle?

The Journal's political columnist looks at the developments this week and asks what - if anything - is in it for the North East

North East MPs vote against Trident nuclear deterrent scheme

Two North East MPs were among a small group of English MPs who voted against Trident in a Commons debate

Thousands of Newcastle 'missing voters' could lose chance to take part in election

Students and young people could lose right to vote because of changes to election law, Labour leader Ed Miliband claims

North East radicals highlighted by People's Museum

From Beveridge to Blair, a new list outlines the people who have changed Britain

North East MEPs vote on GM move

NFU warns new rules could discourage investment in UK-relevant crop biotechnology

Can summit on devolving more powers to the regions achieve anything?

Core Cities group which includes Newcastle will lay out ambitious plans for change

Paul Brannen: Why wood is so much more than a burning issue

North East Euro MP Paul Brannen says wood has a much bigger role to play - and the North East can lead the way

Tory proposal for union ballot reform could be a vote loser in the North East

Plan to require support of 40% of union membership before industrial action could see Tory party accused of hypocrisy

Controversial North East free school could face the axe under Labour

Speaking to The Journal, Mr Hunt said Durham Free School and Discovery Free School, in Newcastle, could close unless they succeed in attracting more pupils

Keith Hann: For the NHS, Santa is never going to deliver

  • NHS

Journal columnist Keith Hann on how our expectations for the National Health Service run far ahead of what can realistically be delivered

Northumberland County Council urged to rethink 1.99 percent Council Tax hike

Northumberland County Council bosses have been urged to rethink a planned 1.99 percent rise in council tax

Northumberland potholes tally currently stands at 6,600

Northumberland's potholes tally stands at 6,600, months after council bosses said they had tackled its backlog

Labour claims Tories would destroy the NHS as election campaign begins in earnest

  • NHS

The performance of North East Ambulance service came under the spotlight as parties clashed over health and public finances

Peter Troy: The only prediction I will make about the election is that it won't reflect people's wishes

At the start of election year North East writer Peter Troy says the poll will provide further evidence of a broken, out-of-date electoral system

Paul Linford: It is December 2015 and the new Prime Minister settles into his armchair

Journal columnist and former political editor Paul Linford looks into his crystal ball and predicts a truly tumultuous election year

Failed SNP bid to stand in Berwick was about publicity not devolution, says Lib Dem

SNP's Christine Grahame had hoped to stand in Berwick at May's General Election but the move was vetoed by her party

Bernard Trafford: Should we be worried that the public lacks confidence in politicians' moral leadership?

Journal columnist and Newcastle headteacher Bernard Trafford says we don't have to look to our politicians to set an example - we've got the Queen

Review of the year: We look back at the biggest stories from July to September

July to September saw the North East lead the way in a 'three-parent babies' project to protect unborn infants from congenital genetic defects

What does 2015 hold for politics in the North East? Jonathan Walker looks ahead

Political Editor Jonathan Walker predicts an exciting General Election - and more cuts, whoever wins

North East politics 2014: Jonathan Walker looks back at the events of 2014

Jonathan Walker looks back on the events that shaped 2014 in the region

North East Party fights for first ever council seat ... and wins

Councillor Mary Cartwright has been voted to represent the Eden Hill ward of Peterlee Town Council for the new pro-devolution political party

Northumberland County Council claims no 'detrimental impact' from transport charges

But Northumberland County Council admits there has been a fall in student numbers after bringing in transport charges

North Durham MP Kevan Jones leads review call on Post Office 'frauds'

MP Kevan Jones said people's lives have been "wrecked" by the system, for which the Post Office must take responsibility

Jonathan Arnott: Labour's record on the NHS is nothing like as strong as it makes out

  • NHS

North East Ukip MEP Jonathan Arnott says Labour does not have the right prescription for the NHS - and there is all the proof you need in Wales

Government must press on with English votes for English laws to fight 'injustice', Hexham MP Guy Opperman has said

Speaking in the House of Commons, MP for Hexham Guy Opperman said people in Northumberland are keen to see constitutional change

CBI chief calls for action to raise living standards in the North East

Call from CBI chief John Cridland increases pressure on the Government to tackle cost of living in the North East

Mayor push is a Tory 'smokescreen' to destroy local government, says MP

Blaydon's Dave Anderson said George Osborne is launching a "direct attack" on Labour councillors and region should "give him the cold shoulder"


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