David Taylor-Gooby: Let's have the debate about leaving the EU here and now

David Taylor-Gooby says we do not have the luxury of debating for years before we vote on whether to leave the European Union

Ed Miliband should rule out a deal with the SNP if Labour doesn't win more seats than the Tories

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Our politics columnist, Paul Linford, analyses the choices that the two main parties have - with the Lib Dems still the favoured partner for both

Paul Benneworth: Talk of a Northern Powerhouse belies the way the Tories tore up our successful policies

Paul Benneworth travels home from the Netherlands to size up the election campaign so far - and finds a sickening lack of objectivity

Kate Thick: David Cameron crows about a 'jobs miracle', but most of them are insecure and low-paying

Journal columnist Kate Thick on a painful and timely reminder of the impact of poverty and inequality in Britain, launched in Newcastle

George Hepburn: Isn't it time we tackled the life and death test of our civilisation?

Journal columnist George Hepburn says that if we are serious about tackling climate change we need to get on to a war foorting to show it

Paul Linford: The two main parties tried to steal each others' clothes

The Journal's political columnist, Paul Linford, runs the rule over the party manifestos issued this week

Labour could make benefits cap lower in North East than it is in London

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls was accused of treating the region "like a second class citizen" after plans revealed

David Taylor-Gooby: NHS five-year plan has wide support - but how do we pay for it?

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Author and Journal columnist David Taylor-Gooby says we must have an honest debate about NHS funding - and consider controversial ideas

Peter Troy: Things can only get better, we were once promised. Clearly, they need to

Journal columnist Peter Troy asks why so many people are convinced there is no point in them voting

Labour launches manifesto with pledge to end the debt by cutting public spending

Labour leader Ed Miliband will warn "we live in a time of scarcity" as he slams Tory promises of £8 billion for the NHS

Harriet Harman: 'I'm certain regional pay will be on the Tories' agenda'

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party says 'Northern Powerhouse' is a gimmick but Tories say regional pay claims are 'scaremongering'

Thom Brooks: The marginals that matter in the North East

Durham University's Professor Thom Brooks' view on the battle for three key North East seats - Berwick, Redcar and Stockton South

The NHS has more money than ever before, so why can't it cope?

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It's not true that health spending has been cut - funding has actually risen. But health trusts still can't cope with demand

Journal opinion: They will really have to work hard for your vote

The Journal's opinion column for Tuesday, March 31, in which we introduce and interpret the North East people's manifesto

David Taylor-Gooby: If Labour is to win it must show it is not the same as the other parties

Journal columnist David Taylor-Gooby says he wants to see a Labour victory at the election - but it has got work to do

Paul Linford: Miliband and Cameron - by the middle of May one of them will be PM

Paul Linford on David Cameron's unexpected comments about his own future - and what it means for the election and beyond

Thom Brooks: Voters can't be blamed for not wanting to go to the circus when all they see are clowns

Durham University professor of law and government Thom Brooks on George Osborne's budget and the message it sends

North East to appoint jobs creation chief - but only on a short term basis

Long search for chief executive of North East Local Enterprise Partnership to continue after interim appointment

Paul Linford: The time for a political game-changer may now have passed

The Journal's political columnist, Paul Linford, on why George Osborne may pay for his refusal to pull rabbits from hats in his Budget

North East insolvency experts lead campaign to overturn government decision on 'costly' rules for creditors

Members of insolvency trade body R3 called for government to scrap elements of the Jacksom Reforms

Journal to hold debate on devolution for the North East

Breakfast event will bring together experts from the political and business worlds to debate greater powers for the region

Paul Brannen: Why keeping our meat safe is all about trust

North East Labour MEP Paul Brannen says preventing issues like the horsemeat scandal is a key part of the EU's remit

Paul Linford: The reputation of parliament will only improve when MPs resolve to change their behaviour

Former Journal political editor Paul Linford on how the decline in confidence in the House of Commons hit a new nadir this week

Labour's Jeremy Beecham says Vince Cable 'should be ashamed' of £320m RGF cash

Peer says Coalition has failed North East as region still has highest unemployment rate, but Lib Dems brand his analysis 'selective'

Alan Share: It's all one-way traffic in the cyclist's favour

Former businessman Alan Share argues that cyclists should stop thinking everyone should share their enthusiasm - and penalising them if they don't

Paul Linford: The next time anyone makes the Lib Dems an offer they will think twice about it

The Journal's political columnist Paul Linford on what could have happened at the 2010 election - and what may happen this year

More than 40 years in the front line: Sir Alan Beith's life in politics

Liberal Democrat MP Sir Alan Beith has represented Berwick-upon-Tweed since 1973 but is set to stand down in May.

Paul Linford: George Osborne seems to have ensnared Labour in a classic political trap

The Journal's political columnist, Paul Linford, on how the pace of devolution quickened this week - and what it means for the North East

Labour North East manifesto: Devolution, a regional minister and fairer funding to the agenda

Ed Miliband's North East troops gather in Stockton to launch Labour's manifesto for the North East

'You can't turn the whole of Durham into Beamish Museum,' says Simon Henig

Leaders hit out as anger rises over the dismissal by a Bristol-based planning inspector of "too ambitious" County Durham plan

Paul Linford: Who's backing business the most?

Journal columnist Paul Linford argues that, despite the perception of some, Labour is the most pro-business party as the election approaches

Ed Balls: The North East needs its own investment bank says Shadow Chancellor

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has rebuffed claims Labour were the 'anti-business' party at an event in Newcastle

Ed Balls on Labour's vision for the North East economy

The Shadow Chancellor writes exclusively for The Journal ahead of a visit to the region

Farming groups hit out at Labour plan to end badger cull

Ed Miliband says his party will be the one to trust on animal welfare issues

Ed Balls: We will help the North East build on its success stories

The Shadow Chancellor writes exclusively for The Journal on Labour's plans for the North East economy

Keith Hann: I told you I was ill

Journal columnist Keith Hann on the search for a suitable epitaph - and a Latin translation

The Unthanks launch new album Mount The Air at Northumberland studio

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The band, led by sisters Rachel and Becky Unthank invited a special audience for an intimate performance of their new long player

Paul Linford: English regional devolution is being taken seriously - and so it should be

Journal columnist and former political editor Paul Linford on the bidding war between the two main parties over the devolution agenda

Newcastle Hindu healer reignites fight for funeral pyres five years on

Babaji Davender Ghai fought for years to legalise open-air cremations and, five years on from a landmark court ruling, his vision is in full sight

Northumberland rural communities missing out on 'superfast broadband', MPs warn

Northumberland residents contributed to a Commons report warning that remote communities are being denied good internet services


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