David Miliband

Paul Linford: You can get 33-1 on David Miliband being the next PM after Cameron

Paul Linford on the Labour leadership contest - and a possible route to power for the former MP for South Shields

Paul Brannen, North East Labour MEP

Europe is anxious about how we will vote in the EU referendum

North East Euro MP Paul Brannen says the campaign to stay in the European Union must be able to counter emotional arguments

Graeme Whitfield

Graeme Whitfield: There are few things worse than a smug Tory

The Journal's business editor on why the post-election stability might not last too long

Ed Miliband

Paul Benneworth: Labour must rediscover its campaigning roots

Paul Benneworth is shaken by the implosion of coherent opposition that followed the Conservative victory

Dave Anderson MP

Dave Anderson: Siren voices in my party urge us to focus on aspiration

Labour MP Dave Anderson says his party must beware of promoting individual self-interest above collective wellbeing

Prime Minister David Cameron delivering a pre-election speech, as the Conservative Party promised 200,000 new starter homes if they won the forthcoming general election

I know both Cameron and Osborne and they are genuine about helping the northern economy

Graham Robb on the changed political landscape - and why it is the North East's traditionalists who must now open their minds

Charlie Mullins of Pimlico Plumbers

300 business attend Entrepreneurs' Forum Spring Conference

The future of leadership and entrepreneurship were at the fore as a 300-strong audience attended the Entrepreneurs’ Forum’s Spring conference

Labour party leader Ed Miliband

Will Labour ever win another general election?

What next for Labour as David Miliband rules himself out of leadership challenge

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks outside 10 Downing Street

David Cameron trying to 'muffle' voice of the North East with boundary review, it was claimed

The Conservatives want to reduce the number of seats in the House of Commons by 50 and the North East could lose three

Nick Brown

Nick Brown believes Conservative majority is a 'disaster' for the region

Labour's Nick Brown has spoken out after a bruising defeat for Labour but Conservatives say the North is growing faster than the South

Beth Farhat, regional secretary at the Northern TUC

Beth Farhat column: General election was a missed chance

Regional secretary of the TUC says the election will make the country more divisive

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks outside 10 Downing Street

Journal comment: David Cameron now has the chance to construct the federal Britain we want

The Journal's opinion column for Saturday, May 9, in which we look forward to the Prime Minister delivering on his devolution promise

Ed Miliband

Labour will eventually bounce back, but the Liberal Democrats face a more uncertain future

Journal columnist Paul Linford analyses the surprise election victory for the Conservatives

ITV Leaders' Debate 2015 showing all seven lecterns

Bernard Trafford: It's time for the politicians to put country before party

Journal columnist and headteacher Bernard Trafford on the 'impossible' coalition that could be the best result in the election

The Great North Museum Hancock

Hours before polling day, what are the parties saying about Arts and Culture?

A new theatre for Manchester, £500m more for the arts and smoking back in pubs - just some pledges from the election rivals

Party leaders, David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage

What the political parties are saying ahead of Thursday's General Election

There are big differences between left and right on future energy policy, but the topic has not been on the election agenda

Prime Minister David Cameron

David Cameron: Conservative Party will close the North-South divide

Prime Minister makes pledge as Conservatives pin hopes of election victory on North marginals

Tony Blair with Gordon Brown

Former North East MP Giles Radice talks about odd couples in politics

Former North East MP Giles Radice talks about his life in politics his latest book - and who might be the politics’ next Odd Couple after the general election

Coquet Valley hay meadows in Northumberland National Park

Fracking study examines Northumberland National Park's potential for controversial activity

Durham University research has looked into the level of fracking threat to the country's national parks - and found North Yorkshire could be targeted

Nick Brown MP

SNP influence at Westminster 'would be an opportunity for the North East'

Academic warns that region can benefit from co-operation with Scotland - but English nationalism makes this harder


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