David Cameron: Manchester-style mayor would make North East devolution easier

Prime Minister insists there is no "one-size-fits-all" option for devolution - but says a metro-mayor makes the task easier

Parties clash over claims North East economy is booming

David Cameron says a new 'spirit of entrepreneurship' is sweeping the North East while Labour highlights continued unemployment

High speed rail link to connect northern cities gets mixed reaction

North East MP Kevan Jones blasts the plan as a "vanity project" which will mean nothing for the region

Prime Minister pays tribute to those who died in Afghanistan

UK forces hand over Camp Bastion to Afghan officials as combat personnel prepare to leave

George Hepburn: Is immigration row sending the PM towards an EU exit strategy?

Journal columnist George Hepburn says that if the PM ends up campaigning for us to leave the EU then the far right will have won

Paul Linford: Is the answer to the English Question a parliament for the North?

The Journal's former political editor says a North East assembly may be out of the question - but there is still a way forward

Kate Fox: Bringing the Hartlepool bombardment of 1914 home to today's youngsters

Writer and poet Kate Fox says a project to explore a First World War disaster in the North East is teaching her valuable lessons

Frack Northumberland and build nuclear power stations, David Cameron urged

The Prime Minister was told to shelve the Climate Change Act to which it was claimed there was "extraordinarily strong opposition"

A Minister for the North East is needed 'in the room' with David Cameron

Newcastle MP and former cabinet minister says David Cameron will not bother to consult with the newly-formed North East Combined Authority

TransPennine Express loses trains to 'David Cameron's stomping ground'

Union leaders have hit out after the rail service which operates in the North East faces losing nine trains - to 'David Cameron's stomping ground'

Dave Anderson: We should integrate the NHS and a national caring service

  • NHS

Blaydon Labour MP and Journal columnist says the future of the National Health Service will dominate the general election campaign

George Hepburn: Once again we are at war without a clear aim

Journal columnist George Hepburn says the murder of Alan Henning was grotesque, but the way forward must be diplomacy and not war

Paul Linford: The main parties are retreating into their comfort zones as the election nears

The Journal's former political editor looks at the party conferences so far - and says differing visions for the NHS will loom large at the election

North East unemployment scheme hopes to get 2,500 jobless youngsters into work

Youth Focus: North East programme intends to 'abolish' youth unemployment by helping those affected find work

Bernard Trafford: Time to keep saucy snaps under wraps to avoid Internet embarrassment

Royal Grammar School headmaster Bernard Trafford believes those in the public eye need to wise up to stop their intimate pictures being splashed across the internet

The Journal Opinion: Prime Minister gets the chance to see youth unemployment reality

The Journal's opinion column for Thursday, October 2, in which we ask if David Cameron will take up the offer of seeing youth unemployment in the region

Journal poll: how appetite for devolution is high after Scottish independence vote

Appetite for regional devolution higher than "English votes for English laws"

David Cameron promises to cut taxes and protect the NHS

The economy and Ed Miliband will be top issues in the Conservative election campaign, the Prime Minister told his colleagues

Cameron puts NHS pledge at heart of conference address

Conservative leader will argue Labour can't be trusted with the NHS because they can't be trusted with the economy

Doctors in the region hit out at the Prime Minister’s pledge to open GP services seven days a week

  • NHS

North East GPs have criticised David Cameron's plan to open GP services seven days a week by 2020\n

Paul Linford: Ed Miliband's instincts are correct - but the man is obscuring the message

The Journal's former political editor says Labour can answer the question about English devolution - but the question about its leader is far tougher

IS is "fascist" terror organisation which must be defeated, says Tyneside MP

Commons votes to back air strikes against terror group in Iraq following six-hour debate

Ed Miliband: We'll heal the NHS with 20,000 extra nurses

Labour leader Ed Miliband said he was ready to lead Britain with a detailed and workmanlike speech

The Journal Opinion: Why we don't want a re-run of the regional assembly referendum

The Journal's opinion column for Tuesday, September 23, in which we argue that there is no real appetite to revisit the 2004 referendum

We need funding to make the North East grow - not more local structures, says Newcastle MP Nick Brown

Newcastle MP Nick Brown warned that debates about devolution risked were missing the point when the region needs investment

The Journal Opinion: After the Scottish Referendum

The Journal's opinion column for Saturday, September 20, in which we continue to look at the region in the wake of the Scottish Referendum

The Journal Opinion: How does the North East claim more powers in a changing United Kingdom?

The Journal's opinion column for Saturday, September 20, in which we analyse the ways forward after Scotland rejected independence

Party leaders praise Journal call for real devolution to the North

Westminster leaders respond to major newspapers of the north joining forces to demand a fair deal for the region

David Cameron accused of peddling 'nonsense with stilts on' in wake of No vote

English Parliament move is gerrymandering for Tory-led South and ignoring calls for devolution of powers to the North East

The Journal Opinion: Give the North East a stronger voice

The Journal's opinion column for Friday, September 19, in which we look at what the region needs in the wake of the Scottish vote

Jonathan Walker: The day Westminster panicked - or how it all went wrong for the 'no' campaign

David Cameron and Ed Miliband both come out of the Scottish referendum campaign looking weak

Journal poll shows public split on what to do in Ukraine and the Middle East

Our poll show some people in the North East back military intervention but others want economic sanctions and diplomacy

Independent Scotland would be bad for North East - but we'll cope

MPs and business leaders said they are worried about effects of Scottish independence on region

Lib Dems' Northumberland post-16 transport cuts opposition labelled 'contradictory'

Opposition and campaigner prepare further attack on policy at this afternoon's Northumberland County Council meeting

Do Journal readers support action in Iraq? Our poll asks for your opinions

After the murder of journalist James Foley, we ask what you think the UK's stance should be on Iraq and extremism in the UK

Blaydon MP calls for the recall of Parliament to urge intervention in Iraq

Blaydon MP Dave Anderson said Great Britain should act to save the lives of thousands from Islamic terrorists

North East MP warns transatlantic trade deal could threaten the NHS

  • NHS

Easington MP Grahame Morris has raised concerns that a trade deal between UK and American bureaucrats is putting the NHS at serious risk of privatisation

Dementia cases rise in the North East - with some areas having the highest rates in England

New figures have revealed that some parts of the North East have the highest rates of dementia diagnosis in England

The father of Liam Sweeney who died in the MH17 crash will meet with David Cameron

Mr Sweeney of Westerhope in Newcastle has been invited to meet with the Prime Minister in London

Journal poll suggests tough times ahead for Labour

When asked which of the party leaders do they think would make the best Prime Minister, some 25% of the North East said Mr Cameron, versus just 16% for Ed Miliband


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