European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, left, meets Prime Minister David Cameron at Chequers, Buckinghamshire, as Mr Cameron kicks off efforts to renegotiate the UK's relations with the EU

George Hepburn: David Cameron needs help to win his dangerous game

Journal columnist George Hepburn on the Prime Minister's efforts to win support for EU reform and how it may lead him into deep waters

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks outside 10 Downing Street

Paul Linford: Once the euphoria has gone the reality will kick in for the Conservatives

The Journal's political columnist, Paul Linford, on why the Tories might find governing to be rather harder than they anticipated

Graeme Whitfield

Graeme Whitfield: I haven't met anyone in business who wants to leave the EU

The business editor of The Journal on how the vote on staying in the EU might be won

Prime Minister David Cameron delivering a pre-election speech, as the Conservative Party promised 200,000 new starter homes if they won the forthcoming general election

I know both Cameron and Osborne and they are genuine about helping the northern economy

Graham Robb on the changed political landscape - and why it is the North East's traditionalists who must now open their minds

(Left-right) Prime Minister David Cameron, Labour leader Ed Miliband, and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg

The election is over - I don't have to take an axe to my TV

Journal columnist and Newcastle headteacher Bernard Trafford says it is time for healing divisions

Labour party leader Ed Miliband

Will Labour ever win another general election?

What next for Labour as David Miliband rules himself out of leadership challenge

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks outside 10 Downing Street

David Cameron trying to 'muffle' voice of the North East with boundary review, it was claimed

The Conservatives want to reduce the number of seats in the House of Commons by 50 and the North East could lose three

Beth Farhat, regional secretary at the Northern TUC

Beth Farhat column: General election was a missed chance

Regional secretary of the TUC says the election will make the country more divisive

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks outside 10 Downing Street

Journal comment: David Cameron now has the chance to construct the federal Britain we want

The Journal's opinion column for Saturday, May 9, in which we look forward to the Prime Minister delivering on his devolution promise

Ed Miliband

Labour will eventually bounce back, but the Liberal Democrats face a more uncertain future

Journal columnist Paul Linford analyses the surprise election victory for the Conservatives

ITV Leaders' Debate 2015 showing all seven lecterns

Bernard Trafford: It's time for the politicians to put country before party

Journal columnist and headteacher Bernard Trafford on the 'impossible' coalition that could be the best result in the election

Prime Minister David Cameron

David Cameron: Conservative Party will close the North-South divide

Prime Minister makes pledge as Conservatives pin hopes of election victory on North marginals

Tony Blair with Gordon Brown

Former North East MP Giles Radice talks about odd couples in politics

Former North East MP Giles Radice talks about his life in politics his latest book - and who might be the politics’ next Odd Couple after the general election

Prime Minister Harold Wilson seen here casting his vote in the 1975 EEC Referendum along with his wife

David Taylor-Gooby: Let's have the debate about leaving the EU here and now

David Taylor-Gooby says we do not have the luxury of debating for years before we vote on whether to leave the European Union

Labour Party leader Ed Miiband and Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon during the BBC Challengers' Election Debate 2015 at Central Hall Westminster

Ed Miliband should rule out a deal with the SNP if Labour doesn't win more seats than the Tories

  • BBC

Our politics columnist, Paul Linford, analyses the choices that the two main parties have - with the Lib Dems still the favoured partner for both

Prime Minister David Cameron

George Hepburn: Isn't it time we tackled the life and death test of our civilisation?

Journal columnist George Hepburn says that if we are serious about tackling climate change we need to get on to a war foorting to show it

A volunteer at a food bank

Kate Thick: David Cameron crows about a 'jobs miracle', but most of them are insecure and low-paying

Journal columnist Kate Thick on a painful and timely reminder of the impact of poverty and inequality in Britain, launched in Newcastle

Prime Minister David Cameron

Paul Linford: The two main parties tried to steal each others' clothes

The Journal's political columnist, Paul Linford, runs the rule over the party manifestos issued this week

Prime Minister David Cameron meets apprentices in Leeds

Bernard Trafford: Politics is like a dodgy hand-drier - a horrendous racket, hot air in all directions, no visible effect

Bernard Trafford says even hopeless actors and grumpy grannies have registered more memorable achievements than many politicians

Prime Minister David Cameron

David Cameron backs The Journal's campaign to create apprenticeships

The Conservative leader is in the North East on the campaign trail and says a vote for Labour will "cast a shadow over the region once more"


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