Mr Brown’s missing link

DIDN’T we all sit up and listen with interest when new Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced that he would be forming a “Government of all the talents”.

Not too late for construction to be given a seat

SO, Tony Blair has gone and Gordon Brown is now in Number 10.

Do you pass as an interviewer?

‘IT’S the job or your family – you decide’. This is precisely the tough choice faced by one plucky contestant on popular BBC show The Apprentice, after an infamous boardroom grilling by Sir Alan Sugar.

Alistair Arkley column

ANYONE who thought a Gordon Brown Premiership might be dull and predictable after the Blair era will surely be thinking again.

They make it look easy

WHETHER it is because they fair well or badly with the likes of Sir Alan Sugar or Duncan Bannatyne, TV contestants make becoming a successful entrepreneur look so easy.

It's the way we tell 'em

Regional accents, when I was a teenager were still pretty much a class clanger.

Simon wins Apprentice

Posh public schoolboy Simon Ambrose is the surprise winner of The Apprentice - beating single mother and the show's hot favourite Kristina Grimes.

More UK staff work long hours

The UK tops the list of wealthy nations who work excessive hours, according to the International Labour Organisation.

Alonso stays

Liverpool today added Xabi Alonso to their growing list of players who have signed new contracts this week.

Ambitious learners all set their sights so high

"Your fired" are the words everyone dreads to hear from Amstrad millionaire Sir Alan Sugar.

Jadine defends herself

Apprentice loser Jadine Johnson defended herself last night insisting she is not cracking up - despite bawling her eyes out on the TV show.

Bucking trend for start-ups

According to the latest findings of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, the future is rosy for entrepreneurs in the North-east as the UK bucks the global trend for a decline in start-up businesses.

Christine has a burning ambition

Christine Mavin has transformed Plaster Piece from a loss-making shop into a market leader in fireplace retail.

Guide to life

Some time ago my stepdaughter Zoe rang me to express her concerns at running two races at school the next day, one race being the 200 metres sprint and the other, 400 metres.

Phoning on thick ice

Dancing On Ice will return tonight after it was cleared in the review into TV phone-ins, ITV announced yesterday .

Brown resigns at club in crisis

West Ham have confirmed former chairman Terence Brown has resigned as a non-executive director of the crisis-hit Premiership club.

Mixing the sweet with the sinister

Cartoon characters, skulls and firearms jostle for attention in Dan Baldwin's work.

Michelle Dewberry

Apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry is quitting Sir Alan Sugar's company, it was announced yesterday.

Backing for Chancellor

He's best known for saying "You're fired" but Sir Alan Sugar yesterday departed from the norm - by insisting Chancellor Gordon Brown should be hired instead.

Vision of youth - How we will encourage tomorrow's entrepreneurs

There's a big push going on in the North to transform our youth into the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Selling wines is not an easy task

It's not enough to make good wine - you have to sell it too, and that's not easy.

Training is key to the future

North manufacturers must follow in the footsteps of Sir Alan Sugar and hire more apprentices if they are to have long-term success, an industry leader has warned.

'Let's start training and stop poaching'

North manufacturers must follow in the footsteps of Sir Alan Sugar and hire more apprentices if they are to have long-term success, an industry leader has warned.

Not blinded by big-time demands

A woman often mistaken for her father's secretary is now clearly recognised as being in charge of the family business - and she intends to take it further.

The Apprentice to move

Hit show The Apprentice is moving to the corporation's flagship channel BBC1, it was announced yesterday.

Paddy has put his business on ice

North-East ice hockey franchise Mobilx Vipers rose Phoenix-like last year to clinch top spot in the national league after a decade in the doldrums.

Too much theory, not enough skills

Young employees come to the workplace with few business skills, too much text book theory and too high an estimation of their abilities - all at a significant cost to business.

Skills we must all acquire

It seems to be a `no-brainer', as Sir Alan Sugar might say, to hire apprentices as a way of investing in a company's future - so why aren't more North-East companies doing just that?

Big push on to find the new entrepreneurs

A dearth of successful new companies in the North-East has spurred the biggest ever push to transform our youth into the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Annemarie has designs on world

Award designer Natural Interventions is trying to gain sales around the world after getting its work into the hands of the great and the good of the UK.

We'd like to start a venture at home, but we're scared

Most UK employees say they find the idea of running their own business from home appealing, according to new research.

Maggie's mission is flying our flag

The North-East Chamber of Commerce has appointed the first female president in its history.

Ex-computer chief faces prison

A former company boss is facing prison today for a fraudulent bid to fatten up his ailing computer firm for flotation before sending it into receivership with debts of more than £4m.


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